M-100J/M-100JS Ink Jet Wire Marker


M-100J Ink Jet Wire Marker

The M-100J/M-100JS is a fully automatic, computer controlled, high speed ink jet wire and cable marking system. This new and unique wire processing system is the first in the industry to integrate an in-line plasma pre-treatment system. This proprietary plasma device not only enhances the quality and durability of the mark, but it also gives the M-100J the ability to print on almost any wire insulation material, including fluropolymers (Tefzel, Teflon, etc.).


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M-100J Info

Read more about the M-100J Ink Jet Marking System (68.6KB pdf file)


M-100JS dual head (two colors) UV inkjet wire marker with Schleuniger programmable cutter/strip.

M-100J Customers Include

  • A.E. Petsche, TX
  • Boeing/Labinal, TX
  • Cherokee Nation Industries, OK
  • Computer Science Corporation, NC
  • Continental Airlines, TX
  • Daitron, NE (2 units)
  • Harvard Custom Mfg., MD
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Japan
  • Kuchera Defence, PA
  • L-3 Communications, KY
  • LaBarge, AR
  • LaBarge, MO
  • Lockheed, GA
  • Nippon Sharryo, USA
  • Raytheon, IN
  • SAMS, CA
  • Sikorsky Aircraft, CT
  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • Westwind Technologies, AL