Medical, Bio-Medical, & Pharmaceutical Applications

Tri-Star Technologies sits on the cutting edge of medical and pharmaceutical technology. From our Duradyne plasma treatment systems to our new Cold Laser pill marking system, you can rely on Tri-Star for fast and reliable equipment to suit your needs.

Our Atmospheric Plasma Systems significantly improve the reliability of various medical devices, such as catheters, angioplasty balloons, implantable heart defibrillators, pacemakers, oxygenators, valves, etc.

Non-invasive laser marking of thermally sensitive medical components is becoming an industry trend. Tri-Star is uniquely positioned with its new ColdLaser™ technology to offer permanent, tamper-proof, non-invasive marking solution. Our technology allows the marking of pills or tablets non-invasively, through a tamper-proofed packaging material, resulting in pharmaceutical product identification that assures its 100% traceability without jeopardizing their safety or security.

Products for the Medical, Bio-Medical, and Pharmaceutical Industries:

More Information:

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Medical Info

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